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Evolis Quantum 2 ID Card Printer Dual-Sided with Magnetic Stripe Encoding

Evolis Quantum 2 ID Card Printer Dual-Sided with Magnetic Stripe Encoding

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With its versatile, modern design and powerful printing capabilities, the Evolis Quantum 2 dual-sided printer is an ideal printer for high-volume card printing applications.

The Evolis QTM306GRH-BS Quantum 2 is a reliable and easy-to-use printer. The 2-line LCD and status LED light display guide you through the printing process. Plus, the airtight metal exterior and top and bottom dual cleaning rollers protect the printer, making it easy to maintain.

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Lock Options:

The Quantum 2 card printer is available with two security options:

  • QTM306GRH-BS Standard - No locking system & short door for the card hoppers
  • QTM306GRH-BS00K Secured - Locking system & long door for the card hoppers

Encoding Options:

Encode contact or contactless chips and magnetic strips with our various encoders.

  • QTM2-OPHS Springcard Crazy Writer HSP Encoding Module
  • QTM2-OPG Evolis Elyctis Smart Contact Chip Encoding Module
  • QTM2-OPHLB Evolis Elyctis Dual Chip Encoding Module
  • QTM2-OPOMN OMNIKEY 5122 Encoding Module

Printer Specs

  • Direct-to-card dye-sublimation/Resin thermal transfer
  • Edge-to-edge printing, single or dual-sided
  • 300 dpi print head
  • Interfaces: USB, Ethernet
  • Interchangeable input and output hoppers, capacity of 500 cards each
  • Single side: 144 cards/hour
  • Dual side: 115 cards/hour
  • 1-year warranty
  • Delivered with cardPresso XXS for designing and editing badges

Customize your encoding needs

The Evolis Quantum 2 printer is ideal for organization with evolving card printing needs. With its exclusive detachable and reversible encoding unit, the Quantum 2 plastic card printer is highly customizable. The encoding unit combines magnetic stripe and smart card (contact and contactless) encoders in a single unit, allowing you to print and encode your cards in one swift motion. Plus, the smart chip encoder can be added anytime!

Print high quality cards - fast!

The Quantum 2 plastic card printer has two detachable card hoppers with a whopping 500 card capacity. This combined with the Evolis Quantum 2's fast print engine allows you to product 1,000 monochrome cards per hour and more than 150 full color cards per hour.