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Secure USB Signature Panel Capture Pad

Secure USB Signature Panel Capture Pad

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The Topaz SigLite series of signature capture pads features a low-cost, pressure-sensitive technology, making them ideal when extreme ruggedness is not a major requirement.

The Topaz T-S460 SigLite electronic signature capture pad features high-quality biometric and forensic capture capabilities, with a low-cost touchpad and stylus. Each signature is seemlessly displayed on your computer screen for you to review. The touchpad sensor is protected by a replaceable overlay for longer life.

Topaz T-S460 signature pads are packaged to be environmentally-friendly. You'll receive an instruction sheet with your T-S460 SigLite to guide you to the Topaz website for all the latest and greatest software tools, including support for the capture, encryption, and storage of electronic signatures. All software and updates are licensed for use with Topaz tablets at no extra charge and can be downloaded from the Topaz website.

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